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Collaborative solutions that enable you, your team and clients to work together with the visibility to proactively track project progress, activities and fees.

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360' Dashboard

Business and Client dashboards ensure overall visibility of projects including financials. NuVuw’s adaptive AI technology alerts you to when things could be going off track.

Project Management

Whether you are running a single project, multi-site project, NuVuw help you stay connected from office to site with the latest information.

Team Collaboration

Real-time collaboration keeps your client, team and sub-contractors connected.  Instantly message and receive updates, all your project information is stored in one place

2D/3D Visual Designer

Not everyone can visualise their finished project – engage your clients simply and easily with NuVuw3D to simulate their project in 3D from your 2D plans

NuVuw 360′ – All Your Projects, Team, Clients And Financials In One Place And Easy To Navigate

NuVuw is designed specifically to help your grow your business by freeing up the time you’re currently wasting worrying about who needs to do what, what’s on schedule and what’s over budget. Your Business, Partners and Client dashboards ensure overall visibility of projects incl. financials. NuVuw’s adaptive AI technology alerts you to when things could be going off track.

Create And Run Your Projects From Anywhere On Any Device

Create projects in minutes from predefined project plans including RIBA plan of work or utilise your own.  Assign your internal team and sub-contractors at any level and view activities as a Gantt chart or calendar “task list”.  Documents are assigned at Activity or Task level and you can manage Fees and milestone payment schedules in the same way.

Everyones On The Same Page With Real-Time Project Communication And Collaboration

Poor communications is the leading reason for lost productivity. Communication and coordination of project teams is easy – you will never be out of touch with your team, sub-contractors and clients and you will receive real-time alerts and notifications and when needed, request real-time updates on specific activities or tasks from any memeber of your project team.

All Your Information Stored Securely And Accessible From Anywhere On Any Device

Documents can be stored and managed at the company level and at project level   To save time and maintain structure, documents can be selected at a company level for individual projects and subsequestly personalised for that specifc project.  Full synchronisation and revision control are available at both company and project level in addition to security levels.

Most People Struggle To Visualise What Their Project Will Look Like When Finished!

Win new projects more easily with NuVuw’s 3D visual designer. Import an Architect or Estate Agent’s floor plan, design a room/home or 10 floor office block and decorate with real flooring, furniture and wall colours.  Finish it off with dynamic lighting to create the desired effect.

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Why NuVuw?

Existing tools are too technical and expensive to acquire - NuVuw keeps it simple yet powerful ​
Easy to learn​

Todays design and build tools are too complicated, too expensive and isolated – NuVuw is powerful yet simple.

Scales with your business​

Whether you are running a single project, multi-site residential or commercial project, NuVuw has you covered at every stage of the programme.

Seamless team Collaboration​

Construction is a team sport.  Keeping your client, team and subcontractors connected throughout the process minimises risks to the delivery.


Your team can provide updates any time and from any job site. NuVuw’s adaptive AI  technology alerts you to when things could potentially be going off track

Track Activities, Progress & Spend

Our visual Project management combined with an integrated Calendar ‘task’ list  means that you and your team can deliver projects on time and to budget

Designed with you in mind

Our Solutions have been designed by you, for you.  We have spoken to hundreds of high-quality professionals who told us what they needed to grow their business 

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“NuVuw’s 3D design tools make it really easy to work with our clients and give them a realistic view of their projects.”

Elaine Hollerhead

Interior Designer, Designate-uk

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“To earn our place as the leading provider of ridiculously easy-to-use cloud-based solutions for property developers and design / build professionals by ensuring end-to-end visibility and control of their new-build, custom-build or renovation projects”

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