What makes a good architect?

It takes approximately 7 years to become a qualified architect. After studying, they must also be registered and approved by the ARB (Architects Registration Board) and RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) to gain the prestigious title. A lot of dedication and hard work is attached to their job role, so when you discover that someone is an architect, an immediate response is to be wowed by their awesome occupation.

Architects are viewed upon with respect, and rightfully so. Successful architects adopt various traits to ensure they provide high-quality work. Whether you are a home-owner or a professional, we want to help you understand what the requirements are that help create such talented architects.

Communication is key

The perfect architect will have impeccable communication skills. They listen to clients with ease, yet offer stimulating ideas that contribute to potential concepts. Communication is vital in the industry, both verbal and written. Every aspect of architectural design is intricate, so the communication period between architects and clients should be exchanged and consumed effectively.

Exquisite drawing skills

The ability to draw and sketch is an integral part of architecture. Visions must become a reality, and the planning process is a fundamental component. A fantastic architect manages their time wisely, and will ensure that their sketches are completed to a high standard within an allocated time-frame. A tech-savvy attitude is also beneficial, as digital platforms can now be used for architects to design and draw for accessible planning.

An artistic flair

The best architects have a uniqueness to their abilities and creativity, which enables them to stand out amongst others. This is likely to be when their passion shines through. However, they must not be too adventurous with their objectives. Designs must be realistic and achievable, which relates back to the ability to listen and comprehend what a client needs. The artistic flair should be subtle, but make enough impact so that the final product is admired.

Calm under pressure

Architects thrive under pressure. This is an important attribute, since the workload for an architect could potentially become stressful. This is also why problem-solving is a key part of the industry, and being susceptible to fixing mistakes and adapting to new ideas at any sudden time is helpful. A confident persona will allow architects to flourish in any scenario, but a touch of humbleness will leave clients with a pleasant experience.

Architects on NuVuw

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