Grand Designs Live 2017: NuVuw’s Experience

“NuVuw was born out of Grand Designs. We want to provide people with an opportunity to create their own ‘grand design’.”

— Lawrence Rankin, founder of NuVuw

It’s been just over a month since Grand Designs Live finished for its Autumn edition of the bi-annual show, and NuVuw has seen great success throughout that period.

The event, which took place from the 11th-15th of October, saw around 500 different companies and manufacturers set-up at the exhibition, fronted by property guru and media personality Kevin McCloud.

The event attracted over 160,000 visitors, with attendees being able to check out the latest trends in property development and technology, all under the same roof in the NEC Arena, Birmingham.

Lawrence Rankin, founder of NuVuw, has joined Grand Designs Live for the past two years. In 2016, he took NuVuw to Birmingham when the solution was under development:
“I used Grand Designs Live to test our product and evaluate the outcome. I was chuffed with the responses from those I spoke to, they all seemed to like the platform. I was eager to have a finished product for next year.”

Rankin also talked about how important Grand Designs Live is for start-up companies, and how it enhances your ability to reach your target market:
“NuVuw targets home-owners, professionals—in the construction and renovation sector—and enterprises, with a product that brings them all together. We want to let audiences know that NuVuw takes the fear and stress out of the project-process.

“People don’t know NuVuw from a hole in the ground. We’re a new company with a limited budget and we’re in competition with other platforms. Grand Designs Live is valuable to myself and NuVuw, to raise awareness about how the product fits the market.”

Grand Designs Live 2017 saw Rankin take a newly-released version of NuVuw to the show. The platform was made available to consumers during Summer, both online and via tablet applications. Rankin, praised reactions to the product:
“This year was particularly exciting because I was able to show a reinforced product to many individuals belonging to NuVuw’s key target market.

“What really excited me was that people from the event in 2016 went out of their way to visit again, and learn what state the product was in a year later.”

The ability to liaise and make connections is another aspect that Rankin found encouraging:
“I met Elaine Hollerhead during my first year at Grand Designs Live. Elaine, who has her own interior design company (DESIGNATE ), was intrigued by the product in 2016. She now actively contributes to our customer advisory board.”

Rankin says feedback was the reason why he set off to the show in the first place. Making it easier for him to clarify what worked well, and what needed to be improved on regarding the product.

“I learnt that NuVuw is great for three things. It manages an end-to-end process for any renovation, self-build or new-build project. The second is that people are intrigued by how the product is free for home-owners, and the third is that there’s a consensus that customers are genuinely passionate about the product.”

Among all positive things, Rankin states that being able to talk about NuVuw and its place in the market at the show was a ‘surreal yet exhilarating’ experience. An integral inspiration for NuVuw was Grand Designs—the television show, and Rankin shared how his brief encounter went with Kevin McCloud:
“I met Kevin McCloud on the last day of the show. I made sure to give him a NuVuw leaflet, there was no way I was letting the ambassador of Grand Designs go without remembering the company somehow.”

Rankin also says he is keen to visit the Spring exhibition in May 2018 (tickets are on sale through Grand Designs Live’s website, as well as tickets for the Autumn edition ):
“I have six months to make NuVuw into a recognisable name for mass-audiences to use and collaborate on. It’s a big mission, but I want to achieve it.”