Here's how it works

Step 1

Build your Profile

  • Provide contact details including email, phone and mobile
  • Tell your customers about you and your skills / services
  • Tell your customers where you work and the types of projects
    you are willing to quote for
  • Upload your completed projects by type (link to your website)

Step 2

Your Professional Dashboard

You can track and manage your projects from the Dashboard

  • Traffic light system to identify summary status
  • Review new business leads / quote requests
  • See project progress and drill down to view activity/task level
  • Manage your teams and sub-contractors
  • review milestones with a calendar of activities and to-do list
  • Get emails, notifications and alerts by project
  • Secure document vault for contracts, invoices and quotes

Step 3

Review New Business leads / quote requests

  • Select the new business quotes/leads
  • Review the project request / specifications
  • Check timelines and any budget information
  • Review plans, models and project timeline
  • Decide if you want to provide a quote and let the customer know if you are interested or not
  • Provide quote as requested by the deadline

Step 4

Get awarded the contract

When you are awarded a project you will receive a notification confirming the project and will move to existing projects folder. Project will disappear if you were not selected.

  • Provide any final updates to the project timeline to the owner
  • Agree payment schedules by milestone
  • Add / assign your team and sub contractors to the milestones
  • Review calendar for deadline dates

Step 5

Update project plans and milestones

It is down to you to agree with your customer and team when updates are needed to be reflected in the project plan.

  • Check work is to quality standard expected
  • Provide project updates directly in project plan or via calendar
  • Trigger payment request based on schedule
  • For larger projects escrow payments will be triggered

Step 6

Completion and Handover

The final stage of your project is completion and handover

  • Complete remaining project activities
  • Request final project review with customer
  • Trigger any final payments from customer
  • Receive great reviews and ratings
  • Rate your sub-contractors and team members
  • Upload pictures / descriptions to your profile page