Property Owners

As a property owner, you have comprehensive tools to manage your new-build, self-build or renovation projects. Simply capture your ideas in design books, create professional 2D/3D models and collaborate with architects and designers to source the best design before selecting construction professionals to make your project a reality. Managing projects end-to-end is easy with step-by-step guides, checklists and an automated dashboard that gives you an up-to-date status of the activities, progress and spend against budget.

Capture your ideas

Create a Design Book for each of your projects,

Simply and easily capture images, plans and notes of your existing property, together with inspirational ideas to create your own design.

Don't forget to capture products and ideas while you are out shopping, particularly if you aren't planning to start your project for a few months

You can also put a list together outlining the type of finish you want to see including specific products as this will help to get an accurate quote when submitting to professionals.

Model your ideas in 2D/3D

Bring your ideas to life with our simple to use 2D/3D design tools.

Recreate and model your home, room or office and take a virtual tour of your new setting before deciding on the final layout

Create your home or office, add rooms, floors and outside spaces

Decorate the walls and floors in any colour and add textures

Furnish rooms from a growing catalogue of products

Take a snapshot in HD to see a near real-life view.

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Collaborate with architects and designers

If you want the best possible design or you just need professional advise, ask a professional for some inspiration to get you moving forward.

Connect with architects, interior designers to enhance your ideas

Get quotes for the design phase or full project services

Source the best designs for you and your budget

Review and select design specialists in one place

Award the design phase to your architects and designers

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