2D & 3D Visualisation Services

NuVuw can help to visualise how property build or renovation projects will look when completed

  • Everybody gets excited about their upcoming build or renovation project, however, most will struggle to visualise what their projects will look like when finished

  • This often causes delays in decision making, costly changes or rework part-way through a build or worst case the client isnt entirely happy with the final finish

  • We know people don’t dream in 2D so why not let us create a 3D model of your next project to help you realise your dream faster

  • Our team will take your existing drawings or plans and create a 2D and 3D model
  • Decorate and finish the internal and external walls to match your own colours and style
  • Furnish with a range of products to visualise how your furniture will look in each space
  • Our team will walk you through how to adjust and edit elements so that you can further refine your designs
  • We will be available to help and answer any questions you may have, if needed we will help you make changes

We will even create a video walk through if needed

NuVuw’s cost effective 3D visualisation service helps you minimise the risks of making the wrong choices 

Remember – Mistakes can be costly!

 Request a no obligation quote to visualise your next project today!