Tutorials and Guides

Get all the information you need with these easy to understand, fun tutorials

NuVuw Menu – Navigation and Settings

In this short tutorial we will walk you through the main navigation elements of NuVuw’s dashboard, settings and features

  • Overview of NuVuw 360 dashboard navigation
  • User / company / privacy settings
  • Company showcase
  • Menu structure

Visual Designer – Basic Room creation and adjustment

In this short tutorial we will walk you through how to create a basic room structure, adjusts walls and add windows and doors

  • Getting started with rooms
  • Adding / changing the shape of rooms 
  • Adding windows / doors / furniture
  • Toggle between 2D and 3D
  • Change basic colours/textures

Visual Designer – Importing architectural floor plans

If you already have an Architect’s plan or an Estate Agents floor plan, you can import them into NuVuw as a JPEG and then trace over it to quickly and easily create your 3D visualisation

  • Importing jpeg floor plan
  • scale drawing to match footprint
  • adding a room
  • modifying and 3D visual

Visual Designer – Adding colours and textures to design

In this short tutorial you will learn how to add colours and textures to furniture, windows, doors and other elements

  • Getting started with textures
  • loading textures into your gallery
  • applying textures to walls, floors, fixtures and furniture
  • tips and trick when using textures

Visual Designer – Adding custom paint colours

With NuVuw’s 3D visual designer, you can add custom colours to your wall designs from your preferred paint manufacturer

  • Where to find the custom colour on a website
  • how to add the custom colour to your colour palette
  • your new colour will be shown as a thumbnail in your recently used colours

Visual Designer – Overview example and features

In this short demo, you will see an overview of a finished design example undertaken using NuVuw’s visual designer.

  • Basic floor plan
  • Room types – Kitchen, bathroom, living room and Bedroom
  • Furniture types including accessories
  • Colours and textures applied in different areas
  • Real products from real companies